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GoldMine® CRM. Diseñado para ser implantado de forma rápida, con menor presupuesto, y sin perder ninguna funcionalidad respecto a otros CRM. Más de 1.7 millones de licencias vendidas 76% del FTSE 100; 50% del FORTUNE 500® Más de 80 sectores en más de 40 países

 · Goldmine is a customer relationship management (CRM) system software package produced by Frontrange Solutions. Like other CRM products on the market, it has been specifically designed for organizing and tracking sales, storing and managing contact information, reporting, follow-up and integration with other software products. Goldmine software ...

Synchronize GoldMine to Google, Outlook 365, and DejaOffice CRM for Android and iPhone. The best way to carry your GoldMine, add new Contacts, Events and Notes. $129.95 per user. DejaOffice CRM for Android and iPhone. Free from the App Store – A mobile CRM App with Linked Contacts, Appointment Completion, Notes and Histories. DoubleLook ...

GoldMine Premium Edition features are developed to help you better manage your business information needs with a complete set of visual dashboards across all CRM functionality. GMPE has pre-built dashboard parts for marketing automation, sales force automation and customer service business processes, and, clients have the ability to configure their own dashboard parts that match their specific ...

GoldMine Premium CRM Edition Offers Custom Fields & Templates. At the center of a relational database is the need for custom fields. GoldMine has an easy set-up that gives you unparalleled access to important data. Industry templates also speed up repetitive tasks and ensure a constant look and feel that fits your business.

No Subscriptions – No Monthly Fees! Watch this Free CRM System Demo and find out why GoldMine is a great choice for every small business looking to upgrade their CRM system or get their very first contact management system up and running quickly.. With GoldMine''s CRM system, you can avoid monthly fees and subscriptions when you choose to own it with one easy upfront payment.

View a Free CRM DEMO, decide how you want to deploy it! OWN-IT or subscribe to GoldMine Cloud. If you are looking for specific features or prefer a hands on demo, try the free GoldMine Test Drive. Interact with the full product!

 · CRM, the sales managers can''t project their pipeline. To make matters worse, Jerry didn''t update a customer issue and now that customer has left for good. Jerry also didn''t enter in a new customer so accounting didn''t know they had to invoice this new customer and now they are getting free service which is costing the company money.

CRM pricing for OWN-IT or Cloud. Choose flexible desktop-as-a-service or on-premises. GoldMine is the most affordable CRM over time when you OWN-IT.